Next Frontier of Fitness Gadgets

Next Frontier of Fitness Gadgets

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Wearables…if you are into fitness then its highly likely you are currently, or have been a proud owner of a wearable.   Like others, and as its been reported, then you have grown bored with your wearable.    Some of this boredom and discontent with wearables can be attributed to wearables 1.0 purpose was to collect and provide us the data we wanted to see.   There were no next steps or best practices.    All they did was record and display data, with the output being a well packaged charming chart.   Now wearables 2.0 are beginning to take form and beginning to communicate what your next steps are.    While introducing an AI personal trainer.   Here are a few that are leading the way with the evolution of wearables.


Moov HR Burn

This wearable is a chest strap that pairs wirelessly with its free app that speaks and guides you in real time.    There are 4 different indoor exercises, outdoor runs, and indoor cycling workouts to select from.   The “Moov Coach” checks your heart rate, and when you are achieving results speaks to you with a congratulatory statement (“You’re doing great!”), and when you aren’t the coach scolds you (“Time to push it!”).   You may think this could be annoying at the time, but these quips have proven to keep the user pushing themselves until they hear a congratulation.    To obtain a better sense of how this product works you can watch this video.


Whoop Strap 2.0

You may be thinking another wristband?!  True, many wearables come in wristband form, but this one is different.    Its unique selling point is upon collecting your exercise data it tells you what to do.    For example, it provides you a recovery score every morning.   It also communicates when your heart rate may be erratic, and warns you to slow it down.    The “sleep coach” feature calculates exactly when you need to go to bed each night.   It may be pricey, but if you need help in understanding what to do next, this bit of A.I. can help.



Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always mean some form of physical strenuous exercise.  As any good personal trainer will share, having a healthy mind is the core ingredient of being fit.    This is why so many of us invest our fitness time with Yoga, Pilates, and other meditation type exercise routines.   Muse is built for this.   It tracks your brainwaves to help you meditate, and informs you when you have reached a successful, quiet, mindset.    When you get distracted, you’ll hear the beginning of storm brewing.   This helps with training your mind to obtain a state of peace.Fitness is becoming more exciting, and intelligent so we can lead healthier lives!


Fitness is becoming more exciting, and intelligent so we can lead healthier lives.  Although the above may not be for you, at least you know where fitness gadgets are heading, and being healthy will require an investment in you.

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