4 Athletes Redefining Fitness

4 Athletes Redefining Fitness

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We all need some sort of ‘fitspiration,’ especially when we’re experiencing a troublesome point during our life.     Here are 4 athletes who approach fitness with their own unique way, and have achieved high-results:


Allyson Felix

The 9-time Olympic medalist is not only one of the top athletes in the world, but has a phenomenal mindset.   Did you know her nickname in high school was Chicken Legs?  That’s right, this incredible athlete was nicknamed this due to her long, lanky legs.   Her nickname followed her through the Olympics.   How did she overcome such criticism?  She embraced her body.   Another word, she loved her shape.    There are many quotes from Allyson praising her legs, no matter how awkward to some they may seem.   Ultimately her legs are what got her where she’s at.


Jay T. Maryniak

In this country, we always like a good underdog story, and especially if it involves a comeback.   This is Jay T. Maryniak.   Due to a rocky upbringing, he began smoking at 9 years old.   When he turned 11 he began drinking.   By the time he got to middle school he resorted to narcotics.   When he turned 19, he went to rehab, and like so many, he left shortly upon arrival.   So how did he beat his addiction?  Weightlifting and kickboxing.   He heavily focused on becoming fit, and upon feeling he had done everything he could with weight lifting and kickboxing, he moved onto Crossfit.    Unfortunately, at the age of 27, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, lost 15lbs, and wasn’t sleeping.   A month after the diagnose, and getting off-track, he returned to the gym with his insulin device.    He’s currently 31, and helping others with their fitness goals, telling his story, and still participating in his 12-step program so he can help others overcome their addiction with a healthier lifestyle.


Holly Rillinger

You may have heard of her.  She’s Nike’s Master Trainer (& Personal Trainer).  Holly’s approach to fitness is a combination of mental health along with physical health.   She has started a new program, Lifted, combining meditation with high-intensity interval training.   She preaches to ignore the person next to you while working out, and strictly focus on yourself.   This advice is helpful since we’ve all at one-time or another, or perhaps regularly worry about the fit people at the gym.   We cause ourselves anxiety being too conscious of sharing equipment with someone whose better fit, or more flexible.   Holly preaches just to focus on yourself.   Part of her philosophy is to center yourself with 3 areas:  mind, body, and spirit.    You have to train all 3 aspects because just having a good body isn’t going to make a difference if you, as an individual aren’t happy.


Noah Galloway

Noah was a sergeant in the U.S. Army.   During an IED attack in December 2005, he lost his arm and left leg, became a double amputee.   As expected with anyone with these set of circumstances he became withdrawn, out of shape, which of course led to depression.   To compound these issues, he took solace in drinking, smoking, and long bouts of sleeping.   Before all of this, he was an active and competitive person.  One day he decided to focus on himself.   He made a commitment to improving himself and began getting himself in shape.   He made a commitment to a healthier, and fit lifestyle.   Now he leads a life of No Excuses.    He’s become a personal trainer and motivational speaker.   His crowning achievement is helping others thru his charity that he founded:  No Excuses Charitable Fund.

We all have our set of issues that enter our life, and we approach these issues, and sometimes downturns in life differently.   This why it’s important to focus on what’s best for you, but know that implementing, and committing a healthier and fitter lifestyle can have a significant positive impact.    Like these 4 athletes shred the obstacles that prevent you from feeling good about yourself!

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